Platform as a service (PaaS)


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Platform as a service (PaaS)

Cloud computing has greatly transformed the sphere of business application development. Platform as a Service – or PaaS has emerged with its own powerful packed features and capabilities. Horizontech provides custom technology solutions for enterprise business applications via PaaS, giving your Company the ability to run applications without maintaining hardware, software, labor and infrastructure within your own facilities.

Horizontech’s PaaS adapts to all industries where a custom technology answer solves issues with associated enterprise business applications. Benefits include:

  • No need to invest in physical infrastructure
  • Reduced and/or elimination of investment in systems, hardware and software and that can become outdated as your business evolves
  • Reduction in deployment timeframes and costs
  • Fixed vs. variable cost
  • Reduction or reallocation of labor
  • IT virtualization
  • Adaptability to change features when business requirements change
  • Technology access to improved workflow automation across all mediums
  • Flexibility to grow as your business evolves