Financial & Operational Impact


"Have completed the implementation quickly, while making rapid configuration changes to the platform, and with adding customized reports as needed." - Director – Payment Processing Company
"You guys are the Rock Stars of Undeliverable Mail" - Assistant Vice President, Treasury - Non Profit Membership Organization
"We have researched many companies, and you have the most comprehensive solution and best business model in the US" - Director – Transaction Processing Company
"I’m truly amazed, and don’t know what to say.  You guys are great, you blow me away." – Director, Claims – Medicare Plan Health Insurer

We built our original architecture for our end-to-end solution, based solely on a financial and operational return on investment. We wanted to build a market-unique processing platform that could outperform any single competitive market solution, including in-house operations.

Customers have different outcomes based on business objectives. With AR, we have saved Companies from $60 million to $600 thousand annually, based on average receivable and volume. However, dramatic operational and financial savings do not solely come from Billing and revenue related accounts.

The following implications can be measured, as a cost opportunity simply because they cause other downstream issues. Delayed processing, along with customer account resolution and reinstatement can cause the following negative impact:

  • Lost customers equal lost revenue
  • Late payments and penalties
  • Early movement of accounts to Collections
  • Potential Bad Debt and Write Offs
  • Asset loss and repossession
  • Regulatory fines and penalties
  • Audit issues with lack of controls, errors and delays
  • Customer Service costs associated with in-bound and out-bound activities
  • Departmental labor and fragmented management
  • Disparate systems and integration inefficiencies
  • Churn due to lost customers, remarketing

We offer a detailed CFO Calculation Report, that you can distribute to Financial and Operational Executives as well as Department Managers that share in managing this issue. This report was built by Chief Financial Officers for financial and operational executives.

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