The Rise and Change of Mobility


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The Rise and Change of Mobility

The massive shift is on to Mobile technologies.  Horizontech is fully engaged with providing Mobile application design, GPS Tracking, device and business application integration.

Mobile users throughout North America are shifting from talking to email, text or social networking.  According to a 2012 survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, monthly talk minutes dropped 9.4% for the subscribers surveyed, while the same subscribers’ monthly data use grew by 26.6%.  Data services are definitely on the rise, with Customers using the newer, faster networks consuming 700% more data than the average subscriber.

Types of Mobile devices have also changed as 56% of subscribers had smartphones, up from just 39% a year earlier.  Tablets are hot and growing as connections to Mobile networks grew by nearly 43%.  1.2 billion smartphones will enter the market over the next 5 years (ABIResearch).

According to Forbes, the quick adoption to Mobile devices is unprecedented.  Take Apple for example.  Incredibly, in Q1 2012 alone, they shipped 15 million iPad devices.  Apple’s CEO Tim Cook summed up the tablet adoption phenomenon best:

“through the last quarter <Q1 2012>, I should say, which is just 2 years after we shipped the initial iPad, we’ve sold 67 million. And to put that in some context, it took us 24 years to sell that many Macs and 5 years for that many iPods and over 3 years for that many iPhones.”

How hot is the Enterprise Tablet?

HOT, and IT will continue to be challenged as devices, applications and technologies are rapidly changing in how employees and customers want to communicate.  Digital Ad Agency Vertic reports that Tablet trends play out in the future enterprise:

• Enterprise tablet adoption will grow by almost 50% per year.

• By 2015 Mobile app development projects will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4-to-1.

• The iOS and Android platforms will be adapted to meet enterprise requirements and Windows 8 Tablets will hit the market.

• The introduction of Quadcore to tablets, 4G, Cloud Computing and the continuous adoption of HTML5 will make the tablet even more integrated into the work environment

How Secure Is BYOD?

Perhaps the battle will never be won.  There is a continued debate with CIO’s over allowing employees to Bring your own device (BYOD) versus a Company purchased device.  Where is it all going for Employees, Employers and Mobile?  One of the biggest issues for debate is security – from personal and sensitive data, to customer lists, to intellectual property.  In all instances, data and/or access falling into the wrong hands could mean substantial consequences.  Some interesting facts obtained by a recent Motorola survey:

  • 74% of companies allow some sort of BYOD usage
  • Less than 10% of organizations are “fully aware” of the devices accessing their network
  • 81% of Employees use at least one device
  • 89% have Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets connecting to corporate networks
  • Apple iOS is the most common Mobile platform used to connect in corporate environments
  • Personal Mobile devices that connect to corporate networks are extensive and growing
  • 78% say there are more than twice as many personal devices connecting to corporate networks now than compared to two years ago

Horizontech is well positioned for Mobile application design and integration into business applications, workflow and control over use/access.  We provide solutions that integrate and process private and sensitive data (credit, tax, license, health, social security, etc.) from a variety of sources such as paper, image, data and Mobile; all with applied security and controls.

Privacy, security, identity tracking and sharing of information will be the biggest challenges to overcome as the growth of Mobile continues.  Consumers will need to have choices when communicating and making decisions with Mobile devices, and trust that their information is safe and secure.  Businesses need to control use and access to data, so that it not exposed.