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"Have completed the implementation quickly, while making rapid configuration changes to the platform, and with adding customized reports as needed." - Director – Payment Processing Company
"You guys are the Rock Stars of Undeliverable Mail" - Assistant Vice President, Treasury - Non Profit Membership Organization
"We have researched many companies, and you have the most comprehensive solution and best business model in the US" - Director – Transaction Processing Company
"I’m truly amazed, and don’t know what to say.  You guys are great, you blow me away." – Director, Claims – Medicare Plan Health Insurer

Horizontech, Inc. (HTI) was founded by David R. Zook in 1998, with the objective of providing data processing services with software-based workflow solutions to address corporate and government business needs.  The company invested early on in an in-house developed, web-based cloud computing platform that allows the company to design and install solutions for any customer in a rapid timeframe (typically 30 days).

XperTran® was created as an enterprise workflow software, which provides a customized, configurable and rapidly deployable answer to inflexible, off-the-shelf workflow solutions.  This proprietary software allows for flexibility with solving each customer’s paper, digital and data workflow issues.

HTI’s early adoption of Microsoft’s .NET for web development has allowed for a long-term stable, flexible platform.  Establishing a Global workforce and hosting/backup infrastructure was also a critical component of the Company build-out.  Our customers can choose from utilizing our On-Shore, At-Home and/or dedicated Off-Shore resources (as opposed to subcontracted) for data entry, combined with in-house mail room processing.  This infrastructure gives HTI the ability to mitigate both HTI and customer risk by controlling the platform, labor, processing and redundancy, as well accommodate rapid growth for services.  

The acquisition of Returned Mail Solutions, Inc. (RMS) was a complimentary business integration, that would combine the best technologies and business processes with HTI’s end-to-end workflow capabilities, including PaaS, SaaS, document processing and Global operations.  To date, there is no company in the US that can provide the depth of services and solutions for undeliverable mail that HTI now has.

HTI has evolved from its beginnings as an early adopter of the Internet combined with back-office automation.  Through its unique PaaS, the Company is now heavily engaged in solving Customer mission critical paper and digital business process issues for the nation’s largest corporations.