GPS Trip Tracking


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GPS Trip Tracking

EZTripTrackerHorizontech’s EZTripTRACKER℠ leverages the lowest cost delivery system in the market to automate driver, fleet and trucking back office operations.  EZTripTRACKER℠ reduces and controls operational costs for fleets and drivers, including franchise, government, utilities, cable, construction, food and beverage, chemical, waste, towing, and trucking IFTA Fuel Tax requirements.    The solution provides management controls over the use of vehicles, gas, drivers’ time and automates multiple back office processes.

The solution will improve productivity, which lowers operating costs and improves profitability.

  • GPS automated interaction with EZTripTRACKER℠ servers
  • Elimination of manual Paperwork
  • Reduced Driver Errors through automated Fail-Safe logic
  • Output integrates with all Tax reporting systems
  • Flexibility for multiple system interaction – GPS, paper and/or image data
  • Reduces Audit liability
  • IFTA Quarterly Returns for all Trip Reports and all Drivers

EZTripTRACKER℠ utilizes Android OS and proprietary Software to automate the numerous functions required to capture, maintain and report:

  • Individual Truck tracking and validation
  • Odometer calculations and balancing
  • State Border recognition and reporting
  • Mileage Summaries by State
  • Capture of Date, Time, Distance Traveled
  • Fuel Receipt data including quantity, value and Station
  • Image Verification of Fuel purchase
  • Beginning Trip validation and End of Trip confirmation
  • Asynchronous transmission for automatic synching of data
  • Interactive Task Management for handling questions and corrections

EZTripTRACKER℠ Screenshots

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