DTR and Fuel Tax


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DTR and Fuel Tax

dtr-fuel-taxHorizontech drives better control, accuracy, and cost efficiencies by automating the numerous manual and paper-intensive functions required for managing Driver Trip Reports (DTR). Our Fuel Tax Management Solution eliminates errors, reduces costs and provides improved workflow for your International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting and compliance.

fuel-tax We are the controlled, compliant and accurate, paper-free answer to your current DTR issues. Your terminals can mail them directly to our centralized and secure processing facility, for efficient and timely In-bound processing. We are able to control accuracy and automate workflow through bar code technology and proprietary software. Documents are controlled the day we receive them, from mail preparation, scanning and conversion to purposeful image-based data. Once data is captured, Paper Trips are stored on-site in our secure warehouse for future access, and retention flags for secure destruction.  Audit retrieval can be done within minutes with paper-based documents and instantly with digital images.

We guarantee that you will never lose a Credit Card Receipt for Fuel Tax or any Toll Receipt ever again. Our solutions provide the following improvements for managing Driver Trip Reports (DTR):

  • Eliminate Tax Liability with accurate Tax Reporting
  • Rules-based Adjustments for Driver Errors
  • Immediate access of paper-based and digital Trip Reports for State Audits
  • Paper reports can be supplanted with electronic online trip submission
  • We can receive spreadsheets, email attachments and import files in any format
  • Data capture process with rules based editing to adjust for driver errors
  • Automated workflow processing with streamlined exception handling
  • Automatic send back processing via email, fax or postal mail, reducing cost for handling un-processable DTR’s
  • Prioritization capabilities at batch, location modifiable real-time
  • Web-based access to DTR’s from anywhere, at any time with a broad range of search criteria
  • Secure storage and secure document destruction on-site after retention

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