"I’m truly amazed, and don’t know what to say.  You guys are great, you blow me away." - Manager, Office Services – Medicare Plan Health Insurer
"You guys are the Rock Stars of Undeliverable Mail" - Assistant Vice President, Treasury - Non Profit Membership Organization
"We have researched many companies, and you have the most comprehensive solution and best business model in the US" - Director – Document Solutions Company


We’ve taken a different approach to market since developing the architecture for our first returned mail platform.  Our approach has the understanding that no two customers have the same distinct business issues, even though they may be in the same industry.  Customers are different because they manage their business differently; one size does not necessarily fit all.

Prior to our initial platform development in 2004, we visited with thousands of potential customers over many years.  We asked questions with regards to data, mail, operations, legacy platforms, customer service, billing, collections, marketing and overall complex business process requirements.  Based on customer input, we then started mapping a total integrated solution, combining and automating multiple traditional, labor-intensive business processes.

The original architecture was designed based on return on investment, and from the ground up based on company gaps in workflow, automation and customer service; testing both front and back-end systems, including many data and document solutions organizations.  The solution included inbound physical mail capture, database entry and a back-end address update process.  The initial customer base was developed in Healthcare (Hospitals and Clinics) in a controlled environment to ensure the solution was built properly and provided value to customers and met return on investment requirements.

Our evolution?

We have become the market innovator for the issue. The biggest U.S. corporations, with high volume and very complex issues tell us that no single company in the U.S. is doing what we are doing to manage the issue.  We have the most comprehensive solutions in the U.S. for managing undeliverable mail.

This approach has allowed us to better understand real customer requirements and complex workflow issues, as well applying technology and integrated solutions to automate traditional business operations.  We know that mail rooms do not automate call center activity, and also do not affect collections and billing AR cycles.  We expect that processing a data file does not solve inbound document and data capture issues.  We know that employees in multiple departments must eventually service the customer, and those actions are typically manual, error-prone and time consuming by nature.  We understand the manual, workflow issues and delays within mailrooms for capturing and converting physical mail to data and images, as well as host integration.  Our experience has identified the following:

  • It is our responsibility to challenge and understand current processes, regardless of how efficient or inefficient they may appear
  • Simple solutions do not necessarily provide the best logical option
  • Undeliverable mail has a systemic financial and operational impact on organizations
  • Highly Sensitive and High Risk Data requires Quality and Integrity in a Secure, Controlled, Risk Management approved operation