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fraudlinkID Theft and Fraud issues are becoming more intensive, with the transient nature of US consumers, address changes and the overall economy. We understand the importance of continued development of technology that helps with mitigating risks and eliminating issues with potential threats, through various processes performed during our returned mail process automation functions.

Our ID Theft and Fraud module performs numerous functions that can identify and make automated decisions on known issues and potential threats.

  • FraudLink identifies and manages known repeat offenders with fraudulent name, address and personal information.
  • FraudLink safeguards against consumer linkage issues with the top credit reporting agencies as well all other data compilers

Completed files are posted to our secure web portal, transmitted via SFTP or FTP for updating host system(s) of record. For those customers that have optioned for Secondary Document Processes and Repurposing, we have many solutions that utilize our output data to perform automated secondary routines.