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Mobile technology has transformed the way business is conducted, and is quickly becoming a necessity in how business is done throughout the world.  Actionable events, including resolution can all be done while mobile, at a moment’s notice, without the physical restrictions associated with a particular geographic area, or physical infrastructure to conduct business.  Businesses can operate more efficiently, with greater speed, flexibility and reduced cost.

mobility-solutionsHorizontech supports Mobile business by developing business applications that connect.  We connect paper, data, image, business processes, software and mobile devices – whether they reside in your office, our office or any office around the world.  We develop integrated solutions based on gaps within a particular industry.  As example, we developed EZTripTRACKER℠ and combined GPS Tracking with mobility and back office processes to reduce cost and improve efficiencies associated with business processes, manual interaction and the inflexibility of off the shelf GPS tracking software.

We deliver custom approaches to solving very distinct business application needs, and then deploy the proper technologies to operate and communicate effectively.  As a developer of integrated technologies, we are committed to finding new uses for mobile, GPS tracking and customer interactions.

For Healthcare, we believe mobility will help us reinvent how a patient interacts with their provider, family and caregivers.  Mobile technology has many great implications, some of which are just on the cusp of being realized. Mobile technology may increase health information access for patients, improve medication compliance and treatment adherence and enhance population health and research capabilities.  GPS technology has been used for years with Medical Alert Systems, and is a very positive indication of how mobile technologies can change how patients and providers interact, and the speed and accuracy to which technology improves outcomes.

  • Mobile technology gives patients and providers a flexible means to monitor discharge instructions
  • Accuracy with prescriptions, as well timing, notifications and dosages can be managed through mobile
  • Mobile Health information and access can improve efficiency with patient and physician interactions
  • Flexibility with storing, accessing and reviewing a patient’s historical information from multiple input platforms – paper, data, image, mobile, voice can become one for patients and physicians
  • Caregivers and Family can have mobile access to assist in more efficient and accurate management of patient interactions
  • Mobile gives providers information on the latest evidence-based medical practices, therefore ensuring a patient’s health track can be planned based on up-to-date and near real time evidence.  This increases the quality of care and reduces chance for readmission.
  • Monitoring movements and actions associated with Dementia, Alzheimer and Autism patients.  Localisation helps achieve an increased sense of security, freedom and quality of life, for sufferers, family and caregivers.
  • Manage billing, payments and scheduling from anywhere
  • Supplies and Medical Equipment tracking, inventory monitoring
  • Ambulance and vehicle tracking

We are in the forefront of developing mobile solutions that help our customer’s interact more effectively.  Whether you are managing a Fleet and want better control over processes, vehicles and employees, are a Healthcare Provider and want better control over patient interaction, data and outcomes, or are in different industry and have unique challenges towards implementing a mobile strategy – Contact Us with your wish list or specific challenge to integrating a mobile strategy into your business.