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The insurance industry has been document, data and labor intensive for years.  Timely access to customer transactions, such as new policy applications, pre-authorizations, payments, claims, customer correspondence and other materials are necessary for adequately managing the business.  Add to the mountain of paperwork, state by state regulations and requirements, and documentation and accuracy become a challenge to provide enterprise automation.

Our focus has been on automation, platform flexibility, speed and cost.  Most Insurers already have scanning operations in place, whether centralized or decentralized.  Departments rely on labor for managing this aspect of document capture, including prepping, extraction and scanning.  That is just the start of an internal cost structure.  Enterprise issues occur typically after the scanning of documents has concluded.  Each document represents a carrier of information, typically associated with a downstream actionable event.

I’ve scanned a document into a data repository or queue, but now what?  How many people manage the front-end data capture process, and how many agents, brokers or other home office personnel must process manual steps to either resolve, locate or take action on the transaction?

Horizontech’s Cloud integrates into existing hardware and software, and takes over where internal scanning operations leave off.  We help companies better manage downstream workflow associated with documents through our XperTran Enterprise Workflow software can automate many manual steps associated with home office, agent, broker, consumer and business interactions.  You can also utilize your own labor, HTI US, HTI Global and/or a mix of labor and systems to satisfy individual state by state regulations.

Horizontech reduces deployment times, costs, improves processing and workflow associated with documents and their actions.  We’ll work with you to access your particular needs, and customize a solution that solves your very distinct issues, with an average of 30-50% operational savings.

Enterprise Document and Workflow Solutions for Worker’s Compensation, Property & Casualty, Life and Accident Insurers

  • Integrates into existing in-house operations, with access to US and Global resources
  • Reduces back office operational expense
  • Reduces labor, and errors associated with manual processes
  • Complies with security and risk management requirements
  • Automates and accelerates the capture, conversion and workflow associated with Insurance documentation and correspondence
  • Reduces cycle time for processing
  • Automates data-based routing, acceptance and approval processes from inbound documents
  • Reduces Exception Handling