Patient Tracking


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Patient Tracking

Horizontech builds custom technology solutions that help reduce cost, improve efficiencies, accuracy and automate functional patient and provider business processes.  We have experience providing Patient Tracking Solutions dating back to 2000.  We have worked with healthcare industry experts to design simple, affordable and rapidly deployed solutions.

Our web-based Home Health Care Patient Tracking platform, was deployed through 300 Providers and their associated Home Health networks.  Patient Tracking was automated by integrating manual notes, treatments, analysis, paperwork and processes via the web for Provider integration.  The new platform would allow Providers to efficiently and quickly bill Medicaid and Medicare for services.

  • Reduces operating costs up to 80%
  • Maximizes reimbursements
  • Cloud based SaaS
  • Provides standards and a consistent platform for use throughout Provider base
  • Scalable to meet expected growth in Home Health Services
  • Customizable with rapid deployment
  • Automates Clinician tasks by capturing information electronically at visit
  • Multiple data source integration, captured from any mobile device, image, data or paper entry
  • Automated CPT Code entry and validation, resulting in less claims errors and more expeditious  Reimbursements
  • Entry/Tracking automated for evaluation, notes, procedure, treatment, diagnosis  and care plan
  • Eliminates manual entries, paperwork and errors
  • Automate patient notification processes

We understand that every Provider has different challenges, with meeting the implication of governmental compliance along with inflexible off the shelf systems.  Our vast experience as one of the first 100 companies to deploy .NET, combined with our proprietary and patented Enterprise Workflow Software XperTran® allows us to capture, process and transform customer information at a much lower cost, with flexibility, speed and control.

Contact Us with your unique challenges regarding Patient Tracking, from interoperability to accuracy, audit and automation issues.  We would like to help you implement a better platform, with increased efficiencies, reduced cost and deployment timeframes.