Healthcare Claims


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Healthcare Claims

Horizontech drives higher auto-adjudication and first pass rates, minimizing the cost and timeframes associated with reworked Healthcare System Claims.  We provide greater productivity, speed and efficiency at a lower cost.  Our customers require a HIPAA compliant, flexible, accurate, timely and cost effective solution to the numerous paper and resource intensive processes required for adjudication.


Quality Statistics for ALL Claims

Our BPO platforms include document and image capture, Cloud for in-house, document scanning, OCR assisted and KFI data capture, image storage and retrieval services, secure document storage and certified secure document destruction. We convert HCFA, UB and ADA Claims from paper or image and provide a HIPAA compliant 837 file or any proprietary file format.

  • NPI Scrubbing
  • Payer specific rules and approval routing
  • Re-pricing and Pre-adjudication
  • Code resolution
  • Web-based image storage and retrieval
  • Image-based processing
  • Experts at Indexing and Data Entry, with quality to 99.9%
  • Accuracy rates averaging over 99.5% for all projects regardless of customer requirements
  • Single Entry, Sight Verification, Blind Verification and Double Keying
  • Global Onshore and Offshore networked company owned facilities for Data Entry
  • Scan at our location(s) or on-site at your location(s)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Computing
Detailed Error Reporting

Detailed Error Reporting

Our proprietary XperTran® enterprise workflow software reduces your HCFA, UB and ADA healthcare Claims processing costs immediately by up to 50% and delivers in excess of 99.5% data accuracy, ANSI 837-5010 A1 format and unsurpassed customer service.

Our platform combines the latest OCR technologies, web-based production reporting, web-based image storage and retrieval and years of Healthcare Claims processing experience to deliver immediate improvements over your current Health Insurance Claims platform:

  • Significantly reduce data quality errors, turnaround times and costs per Claim
  • Image enable your customer service operations
  • Scalability without increasing overhead
  • HIPAA compliant formats and data security
  • Bar Coding drives integrity
  • Ability to incorporate data base table lookups for increased auto-adjudication rates
  • Flexibility to change processing rules without incurring lengthy and expensive professional service engagements.

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