Application Integration Solutions


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Application Integration Solutions

Through AIS, Horizontech gives Healthcare organizations access to numerous technologies that can reduce costs, deployment timeframes, remove integration barriers, automate and accelerate Provider and Payer functional business processes.


The overall Healthcare market is comprised of over 1,200 Payers, 5,700 Hospitals and over 560,000 office-based Physicians.  Despite budget constraints and clinician shortages, Hospitals, Physicians, and Insurers will continue putting plans in place for managing new payment and care models and the expected increase of newly insured patients.  Pressure to reduce administrative costs, while improving security, reporting, documentation and integration of systems will continue.  Healthcare operating expenses will continue to outpace payment increases.

Manual and paper-based processes are more prone to human error and administrative inefficiencies, typically resulting in increased costs and uncompensated care.  Therefore, Providers and Payers will continue to evaluate solutions that can automate and simplify the administrative and clinical processes of healthcare.

Perhaps more than any other industry, Healthcare is one of the biggest users of paper.  Administrative procedures to manage the growing mountain of paperwork now exceeds over 48 billion Healthcare transactions annually.  This number also includes the expense associated with processing 75 million pages of Medical Claims per day.  We view this as an enormous opportunity to assist both Providers and Payers based on our core business experience with documents, data, images and enterprise workflow.


What is Application Integration Solutions (AIS)?

AIS represents HTI’s enterprise technology platform for Healthcare.   AIS is built from HTI’s vast experience with .NET, combined with our proprietary and patented Enterprise Workflow Software XperTran®.  XperTran® allows us to capture, process and transform customer information at a much lower cost, with flexibility, speed and control.

Horizontech has one of the most complex installations of .NET in the U.S.  The combination of .NET with  XperTran® allows us to provide healthcare application integration solutions to existing software installations, as well as functional requirements with $0 capital required.

We know that a change that takes a week may take a year to implement in a current IT environment:

  • We connect to process any carrier of information – whether it be paper, data, image, mobile, your facility, our facility, 3rd party facility, hardware, software – we don’t care
  • We implement Business Process control functions based on compliance, our customer’s individual systems flexibility and unique business rules
  • We don’t care where we process , and give you access to business requirements with your own labor through our Cloud, our US labor, offshore labor and/or a combination of all

We have been able to solve some very complex business functional workflow issues on behalf of our customers in very rapid timeframes, with a cost structure significantly lower than typical IT solutions

  • Eliminates Administrative, Financial and Clinical inefficiencies for both Provider and Payer
  • Integrates multi-application software, core department document, data functions and operating systems
  • Provides flexibility and customization that off the shelf software does not
  • Automates Healthcare business functions, with closing the technology gaps that exist across the enterprise – through multiple software platforms, systems, hardware, documents, images, data and customer interactions

We do not market off the shelf software, therefore AIS (Application Integration Solutions) is not a software platform.  Learn more about how AIS can help you reduce cost and close technology gaps with existing infrastructure.

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