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Healthcare Provider and Payer organizations continue to evolve in an industry undergoing significant periods of change.   Both Providers and Payers must adapt to the reality of increasing government regulations and compliance mandates, both at the State and Federal level.  Combine Regulatory requirements with market and fiscal pressure, and the industry must continue to embrace technology, services and solutions that can assist in ensuring not only survival but also growth in this new Health Care economy.

The industry faces major challenges with workforce resources, training and development, IT integration, clinical services, upgrades and expansion, physician alignment and cost reduction.  For the organizations to be successful, they must provide innovation to their operating model, continue to reduce costs, add new core competencies embrace this new era of change as the new normal.

Horizontech makes data easier to access, report and use.  If you could have collaboration, with business controls for all data that moves in and out of your Healthcare organization, from documents, images, forms, emails, reporting, mobile interactions, patient information, clinician updates, insurance information, billing information – literally everything, how would this help you?

Horizontech’s operating infrastructure and proprietary systems allows us to be platform independent which is a distinct advantage.  As a result, we connect information, people, systems, and devices with greater flexibility and reduced installation timeframes.

We can quickly build, deploy, manage and use connected, security-enhanced solutions with Web services.  This in turn, can significantly reduce our customer’s costs, improve IT connectivity and provide a solution to the ever-changing landscape of regulatory Healthcare.

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