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You’ve got an investor that wants to move assets, is excited about your investment products, trading tools and overall investment strategies.  Transferring financial accounts, if not handled properly, can result in client loss.  This is a time consuming process for the Broker, and subsequently puts the new account at risk before it even starts yielding positive results.

brokertranHorizontech developed BrokerTran℠ to better manage the mountain of regulatory paperwork associated with Asset Administration.  BrokerTran℠ makes the client transfer process seamless and more efficient for Asset Managers, Brokers and Clients.

BrokerTran℠ is an SaaS Asset Administration platform for streamlining new accounts capture, including a client interactive web interface.  The platform is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of the individual Asset Manager and Broker, and provides the following advantages over manual systems:

  • Reduces Administrative costs associated with Client transfers
  • Processing time associated with managing regulatory paperwork on client transfers reduced
  • Client Assets move into new accounts much faster
  • Reps and Brokers can automatically track Client status and easily follow-up on transfers
  • Provides control and accuracy, eliminates errors associated with wrong forms, missing forms, missing client data
  • Allows Reps and Brokers to focus on client relationships and new business, instead of the hassles associated with managing a time consuming, administrative process
  • Clients can transfer their assets online without waiting for forms to be mailed
  • Electronic signing can eliminate most transfer delays, improving revenue for  the Asset Manager
  • BrokerTran℠ enables account transfers to be fast, accurate and simple
  • Easily integrated to back office systems
  • Simple for Reps and Brokers to learn and manage
  • As Client interaction changes from paper-based to  electronic, there is no need to change systems
  • Supports online entry, Client management, paper-based printing of regulatory forms and electronic transfer of Assets all in one platform

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