Payment Processing


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Payment Processing

ACH and Credit Card Payment Processing

accounting-payment-processingOur Founder’s history dates back to developing and implementing the first web-enabled ACH payment platform in the U.S.  Our experience in Internet payment processing, Check Verification and Identity Verification make us experts in fraud prevention and detection. Horizontech provides web-enabled ACH and Credit Card payment services, with unparalleled security surrounding each transaction and each account. Upon receipt of payment request, information can be processed against the nation’s most comprehensive negative, account closed and positive databases as well as your own negative files.

XperTran® provides a fully integrated and end-to-end solution for any company looking to leverage the Internet for capturing and processing transactions. A customizable user-interface, XperTran® emulates your company and can be used for payments or disbursements, satisfying both recurring and non-recurring transactions.

  • Connectivity from your site, directly and by administrative staff for capturing and monitoring mail-in and call center payments
  • Comprehensive credit bureau fraud detection
  • OFAC screening
  • Optional funds transfer based on scoring, review or customer notification
  • Capability for clearing through your own accounts or through us
  • Validation of routing numbers
  • Account Postings can occur immediately, via daily updates or when funds settle

Optional NSF transaction recycling, repair and resubmission of administrative returns