"You guys are the Rock Stars of Undeliverable Mail" - Assistant Vice President, Treasury - Non Profit Membership Organization
"We have researched many companies, and you have the most comprehensive solution and best business model in the US" - Director – Document Solutions Company
"I’m truly amazed, and don’t know what to say.  You guys are great, you blow me away." - Manager, Office Services – Medicare Plan Health Insurer


XperFlow is a customizable workflow for document processing. This is a core component of our XperTran® system. When a customer’s expertise is needed in resolving conflicts with data or for approval of certain data, access to XperFlow can be made available to our customers via remote web access. A complete history of data changes by user id and timestamp is kept for all transactions.

  • Customizable workflow
  • Customer access
  • Accelerated document processing
  • Full Transaction History
  • Mailroom or electronic image import via email, secure
    FTP, or PGP file encryption