"You guys are the Rock Stars of Undeliverable Mail" - Assistant Vice President, Treasury - Non Profit Membership Organization
"I’m truly amazed, and don’t know what to say.  You guys are great, you blow me away." - Manager, Office Services – Medicare Plan Health Insurer
"We have researched many companies, and you have the most comprehensive solution and best business model in the US" - Director – Document Solutions Company


XperAudit is a document auditing system. XperAudit allows us to obtain, maintain and measure quality. There are three main components to this system:

  • Our Quality Control component allows for selection of documents that have suspicious data. The edits that determine this are highly configurable and can be changed at any time to provide the required quality rate. For instances where our customer prefers to handle exception cases, web based access to our system is provided and the customer can correct certain errors.
  • Our Clerical component allows us to go beyond just keying data. It involves fixing errors that were made when the original document was created. This eliminates the vast majority of exception records and helps our customers focus their energy on their core business.
  • Our Quality Assurance component allows for random selection of documents to be diverted to a queue for quality testing. At our customer’s direction, this can be performed by Horizontech, Inc. or by our customers via web access. A detailed Quality Report is available online to analyze the results of the testing.