HTI Technology Milestones


"We have researched many companies, and you have the most comprehensive solution and best business model in the US" - Director – Document Solutions Company
"You guys are the Rock Stars of Undeliverable Mail" - Assistant Vice President, Treasury - Non Profit Membership Organization
"I’m truly amazed, and don’t know what to say.  You guys are great, you blow me away." - Manager, Office Services – Medicare Plan Health Insurer

HTI Technology Milestones


1977 Develops and introduces the world wide web, which opens business connectivity, commerce and re-invents how all people in the world communicate with each other . . . . . . Just kidding, we wish!
1981 Designed and implemented a Warehouse Receiving solution for the Chicago Board of Trade
1994 Designed and Implemented an Airline Ticket Processing platform, leveraging high speed image and off-shoring, that was responsible for most of the US passenger traffic
1995 Developed and implemented the first Internet Payment Service for use of Checking accounts (ACH). The solution rapidly expanded and is now processing volume of $5B annually
1996 Medical claims processing handling over 30 million claims annually
1998 Horizontech, Inc. is launched in Louisville, KY
2000 Headquarters moved to Roxboro, NC
2001 Claims Processing platform at Horizontech released with initial customers
2001 Patient Tracking Platform implemented for 300 Hospitals and their Home Care networks, providing electronic Patient tracking, analysis, billing and consolidation for reimbursement by Medicare and Medicaid
2001 One of the initial companies to deploy Microsoft .NET for web based programming; one of the most complex installs of .NET in the US
2001 XperTran Enterprise Workflow software created as a customized answer to alternative off the shelf workflow solutions, that were fairly inflexible and limited in overall customer capabilities
2001 Horizontech, Inc. opens Shaoxing, China facility for Offshore Data Entry operations
2001 Horizontech, Inc. becomes the first US company to have owned offshore and onshore facilities, with US customer service
2002 Begin processing microfilm conversion to digital including large scale building and street layout documents
2002 Implements customized capture and Trip processing solution, including facility for scrubbing and enhancing driver errors - processing over 3 million trips per year with 100% workflow control through extensive barcoding technology
2003 Horizontech, Inc. opens Coimbatore, India facility for Offshore Data Entry operations
2003 Horizontech, Inc. opens Jaipur, India facility for Offshore Data Entry operations
2003 Converts 50 million pension files to images in less than one year for largest such entity in the world
2004 Original architecture developed and implemented for Returned Mail Solutions, providing document and data capture, address search and host update
2004 Built and implemented Package and Delivery Audit Platform for one of the largest Logistics companies in the World, improving distribution facility handling, package routing, delivery and customer service
2004 Horizontech, Inc. opens Haikou, China facility for Offshore Data Entry operations
2005 Multi-Channel search process implemented for Returned Mail address Search
2005 Published "Recognition Systems Reduce Cost but…only if you buy right" in Document magazine
2005 Published "Making the Right Decision: Data entry, paper vs image" in Document magazine
2006 Medical claims platform re-written, including capture, OCR, scrubbing and EDI 837 output
2006 Remail technology and workflow process integrated into Returned Mail processing, as an option to reissued documents
2007 Global Headquarters moved to 50,000 square foot facility in Danville, VA based on expansion needs. Includes secure capture, secure storage warehouse and secure destruction under one roof
2007 Web Portal introduced for Returned Mail processing, yielding real time updates for mail processing, output data and AR
2007 Horizontech, Inc. opens Springfield, IL operation, also becomes backup site for all data processing
2008 Rebound technology and workflow process integrated into Returned Mail processing, as an automated customer service and collections solution
2008 Implementation of piece level tracking for all components of the Returned Mail platform, giving the ability to adjudicate all inbound and outbound returned mail documents, processes
2008 Phone append introduced to address Search for Returned Mail
2010 FraudLink introduced as new compliant solution for identifying known issues with patient and consumer fraud, data errors with the USPS, public and private databases
2010 Returned Mail Solutions, Inc. acquired by Horizontech, Inc.
2011 RMSLink introduced as new software for Address Management, Standardization and Search for returned mail
2011 UAACloud introduced, allowing for management and connectivity for mail room, 3rd party and in-house mail operations, hardware and software for returned mail operations
2011 Enhanced metrics, analysis, real time reporting and user controls for the Returned Mail Web Portal. Portal released for all services
2012 RMSMover introduced as new software for Address Management, Standardization and Search for returned mail
2012 Enterprise Application Integration Solutions introduced for eliminating Administrative, Financial and Clinical inefficiencies with Provider and Payer, by integrating multi-application software, hardware, core department document, data functions and operating systems
2012 First Industry Executive Business Case for Undeliverable Mail is published, which leverages years of customer experience as an industry expert and innovator for managing Undeliverable Mail
2013 EZTripTRACKER introduced for automating GPS and mobile tracking, back office operations for fleet vehichle management and control
2016 First US on-site Cloud for managing Returned Mail implemented